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Une Saison d'amour
Une Saison d'amour Populaires
Envoyť parsimsgirl972D   DerniŤre mise ŗ jour: 13/10/2013 21:02
Affichages: 4150  Commentaires: 2    
The tale of a devasting love story,

Many time along my enfancy I have almost been sexually abused or witness of rape. I am very religious and devoted to church. Relationship has always been the least of my occupation. I would wether focus on working , studing or other extracurriculum activities. One a day I met a handsome guy with a beautiful latin accent, he was not speaking fluent English. He was love at first sight but I was very reluctant to date feeling to inexperienced to try, I had always though I was too emotional or impulsive to undergo another failure in love. I was even not sure of the true definition of love. I was so confused and I had always though that multicultural relationship was a great risk.

He was working at an Italian restaurant along beautiful Piccadilly circus and I was studding while I was working many part time Jobs. I try to know him little by little, yet I loved him so much. I had always though that God will send me an appolo of love that would complete me in any matter. The only things I was  sure  about was sure about is that it  was the first time someone could fulfilled my emotion with such intensity. He had the quality of being a good listening an giving's angel , a guardian and mostly a gentle lover. Everything was going well except that something worst was waiting for us. he had to go home back to Italy as he lost his jobs. He felt bad and would avoid seeing me instead of seeing me. Instead of talking to me

I was devastated. I cried that night to sleep. I was willing to spend our last time together with the apprehension of not seeing back. Luigi Borrelli was gone for 6 month I had promised to wait for him. I had vowed to help him, love life to always hold him with with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands to speak when the words was needed and to share the silence when it needed and to live within the warmth of his heart and always call him home.
I though well harder when I realise that my affection was taking me to an higher dimensional level although he was not perfect. My spherical idea of love was focus on him. Today he is gone , my heart is ached , my breath weak , my wisper troubled , calling his name feeling him for, my eyes was always full of tears. I was writing all the time inspired by the ink of his eyes. I did not see his chain and I forget mine lost into his eyes.

I would always remember that part that I filled me in any matter. I am unsure if he will be back so many beautiful creature he was the only one I was so addicted too, the only smell that stay so long other my skin. I would love to find him back. I have no idea what is leading me know or give me hope to have you in my arm  again. I wish you have the same sincere will for me.

Luigi Borrelli and Junia Noel

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Auteur Conversation
Posté le: 28/6/2021 13:32  Mis à jour: 28/6/2021 13:32
Mascotte d'Oasis
Inscrit le: 7/11/2015
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 Re: Une Saison d'amour
"a love story that has been well polished
the photo proves it"
"une histoire d'amour qui a été bien peaufiné
la photo le prouve"
Posté le: 26/1/2024 21:22  Mis à jour: 26/1/2024 21:22
Inscrit le: 27/5/2014
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En ligne !
 Re: Une Saison d'amour

Très belle photo de couple !

Belle soirée cher ami poète !
Toutes mes amitiés